Our services

We are experts in delivering a comprehensive range of daily and specialist cleaning services nationwide, combined with a range of ancillary facilities management services. We pride ourselves on making clients’ environments safe, clean and productive places to be. The way businesses operate is changing rapidly and our service offering is therefore flexible, agile and responsive in satisfying these evolving needs.

We keep businesses working day-to-day. We focus on innovation and budgetary control and work together with our clients to support their business aspirations and vision. Four core attributes underpin Lita Group Facilities Management’s approach to the provision of market-leading facilities management:

1. Performance focused | 2. Regime challenging | 3. True value for money | 4. Partnership approach

Our cleaning service regimes

Our company ethos is “Walk smarter, don’t run faster.

Our experienced teams work with clients and their stakeholders as a trusted partner and tailor the cleaning and FM services we provide to the precise needs of their business and operations. To accomplish this, we offer clients three delivery cleaning regime choices, each with a different service level and pricing framework, but with exceptional service delivery guaranteed across all levels. The three cleaning regime levels Lita Group Facilities Management offer are;


  • Particularly useful in manufacturing, distribution, logistics, warehouse and public sector environments


  • Primary focus on delivering a safe environment


  • Designed to support limited budgets or light touch environments


  • Focus on cleaners operating in a highly productive manner.


  • Provides the client with enhanced control over the regime


  • Ability to turn on and off areas in line with site requirements and staff dynamics


  • Price and time allocation on a room-by-room basis for absolute commercial certainty


  • Multi-trained staff enabling rapid service transition.



  • Designed for high-end, client-facing environments


  • Strategic, hands-on management approach


  • Customer focused with added consideration to the client’s brand


  • Supported by high levels of innovation.


Specialist services

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate and manage their staffing position. Home and remote working may become the norm, with many property decisions being made to support staff and visitor requirements. Additionally, we know that spaces need to be safe and productive environments when they are in use, and our commitment is to ensure that this is always the case.

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Hand sanitising & PPE solutions

Lita Group hand sanitiser stand.png

We support businesses to make their sites safer by offering a range of anti-viral hand sanitiser solutions and PPE. Operating on a subscription basis, we manage all aspects of this solution to ensure maximum site safety.

  • Floor standing units

  • Countertop units

  • Wall mounted units

  • Hand sanitising fluid

  • Face masks and visors

  • Gloves

  • Aprons

Our core anti-viral treatment range includes:

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Specialist fogging treatment

Using Public Heath England guidance and our experience from over 15 years delivering fogging treatments, our approach ensures rapid disinfecting of all surfaces in an area, removing 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria.

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Steam cleaning is the highly efficient manner of delivering an anti-viral clean to all surfaces contained within a building. Our trained cleaners utilise the latest in steam cleaning technology to clean and virucide all areas of site, with minimal residue from activities. This means that your site is fit for operating immediately after the clean is delivered.

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Touch point


In line with our experienced deep cleaning methodology, our touch point cleaning regime has the benefits of using an anti-viral chemical for all cleans along with skilled and trained staff who will ensure your site is cleaned to the highest standards.

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Additional facilities management services

In addition to specialist anti-viral cleans, we have outstanding proficiency in delivering a range of ancillary facilities management services including:

Industrial cleans

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Sparkle cleans

Lita - sparkle clean.png

Periodic floor cleaning

Lita - floor clean.png

Grounds maintenance

Lita - grounds maintanence.png

Window cleaning

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Lita - security.png

Pest control

Lita - pest control.png

Washroom & hygiene services

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Car park maintenance

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Helping businesses achieve more

Lita Group Facilities Management offers cleaning and facilities management services to a wide variety of businesses. We are a trusted advisor and our expertise is particularly suited to the following types of business:

corporate icon.png



Focus on the visitor and/or staff member’s journey across site with built-in operational flexibility to work to your site dynamics and volumes.

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A new, fresh and vibrant approach that guarantees cost certainty and flexes with changing student and staff dynamics.

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Supporting our clients in their service charge agreements, enabling them to demonstrate true value for money.

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Financial &

professional services

A high-end, customer focused approach to support our client’s brand and ethos.

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Aligning our regime to the passengers’ expectations and the requirements of the environment being cleaned.

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Manufacturing / distribution / logistics

Presenting a safe environment that flexes around seasonal arrangements, a variety of working patterns and site requirements.

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An innovative manner of delivering regular, planned and deep cleans to meet the occupier’s expectations and deliver value for money for our clients.