Case studies

Crofton Academy

We have been cleaning Crofton Academy in Wakefield, a large school of 1025 pupils and approximately 70 staff, since June 2019. Our contract is 52 weeks, including Easter and summer breaks, and our dedicated team includes one supervisor and 15 operatives. The school has a main building on two floors, a further building with classrooms, a 6th form block and a big sports area with a fitness suite.


Although the Crofton Academy is a relatively new client, we have already established a fantastic, open relationship with the premises’ supervisor, employed by us, who is pivotal to the running of the project. Despite Covid-19 restrictions hindering our usual management presence, this key relationship has enabled us to continue successful delivery and show how much we care. The supervisor has been with Lita Group for many years but is also a dinner lady at the school, so is fully dedicated to providing a reliable and personal point of contact between ourselves and the school staff.


We initially provided a comprehensive cleaning service in the evenings after the children left for the day. We continued cleaning throughout lockdowns even when the children were at home because in our opinion, any building with people inside needs paramount care and cleaning to ensure full safety. Our key workers did a great job at cleaning throughout lockdowns. Once the school opened back up, we worked with our supervisor and staff to begin offering a daytime presence. Schools’ needs are constantly changing and we pride ourselves on flexibility, so we made this happen.


Currently, we provide an additional four hours a day of touch point cleaning while the children are at school. Our daytime presence provides parents and staff the peace of mind that anything touched is fully sanitised and safe for use. While children are on their breaks we go into every room and sanitise.


We also provide a full stripping and sealing of all the floors during the school holidays.

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Applefields School

Applefields School in York is a special school of approximately 141 students aged 11-19 with a wide range of learning difficulties, aiming to help them prepare for adult life. We have a great relationship with the school and its staff. The school is a large, one-level old build joined with a corridor to a new build. Due to the ratio of staff to students being 1 to 1, the students work in smaller groups in smaller classrooms than a mainstream school. The types of rooms are extremely varied, from regular classrooms to sensory rooms with lots of soft furnishings.


At Lita Group, we truly value having a personal relationship with our schools, which is our management frequently gets involved directly with clients. We have a wonderful supervisor who works at the school with the help of our area supervisor. Our trusted relationship with the school started in August 2016 and has only continued to grow.


Our dedicated staff, consisting of one supervisor and five operatives, cleans the school in the mornings and evenings, including the school holidays. We continued to provide this service throughout the pandemic to ensure the safety of the pupils upon their return, as well as providing additional fogging treatments. The main school’s floors are all hard surfaces of varying types so we mop, sweep and machine clean these regularly as well as providing a full strip and seal in the summer. No two schools are the same, so we have adapted our cleaning techniques and take particular care in thoroughly cleaning all soft furnishings and changing areas  .   

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Westborough High School

Westborough High School in Dewsbury has been a client of ours since August 2017. The  secondary school has a total of 928 pupils and around 70 staff. The main school building has three floors, with out-buildings, portacabins, an isolation house, main canteen and sports hall.


Our cleaning staff of one supervisor and 13 operatives are in for three hours a night and provide a full PM clean. Westborough is a complex contract for us in regards of its size and volume of cleaning. We understand that schools get messy! So, we often go above and beyond to ensure that all classrooms are tidy before doing a full clean. We work closely with the school staff to make the most of their budget and have maintained a good relationship. Most recently, the supervisor had to take time off so an area supervisor of ours was in there every night, showing the dedication of our management team to our clients.


On top of our regular cleaning services, we are prioritising sanitisation to maximise Covid-19 safety. We have contingency plans in place in case our staff test positive and use additional resources, such as fogging, to be resourceful with people and equipment without stretching any budgets. Of course, we never compromise the high-quality service we have continued to provide.

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Fulford School

Fulford School has been heavily populated throughout lockdown as a result of many students being children of keyworkers and the army barracks being nearby. There have been up to 400 children still attending throughout all of the government lockdowns. Our relationship with the school has been consistently strong and we have been working well together over the past year.


Our work at Fulford before the pandemic was similar to all schools: we went in on a morning and evening, keeping the premises safe and clean by cleaning toilets, kitchens and classrooms. During the school holidays, hours are usually consolidated and the focus is to get into all rooms and do a really deep clean. These general jobs have remained important during the pandemic, but hours have heavily increased and daytime presence is now required.


Normally, we keep our cleaning presence away from children, but with the nature of the pandemic and a heightened importance of cleaning, our staff now provide the peace of mind that the school is constantly being sanitised and is safe. All Lita Group staff are DBS checked and safeguarding measures are adhered to. The staff are always present to make sure door handles, desks, equipment or anything the kids frequently touch are cleaned as often as possible.


During the first lockdown, the Fulford had caretaking staff issues, so we sent in a caretaker for a 3-month secondment, working full-time for the school. This is just one example of how we have gone above and beyond our contract to help during the pandemic.


We’ve shifted our mindset to not just maintaining a safe environment, but ensuring a spotless, clean and Covid-safe premises. Our team frequently enters the school to deep clean infected areas as-and-when. Fulford is so keen on keeping clean that they now own three of their own fogging machines, purchased through us, and we even trained the staff so they can use the machines whenever they like. For a personalised touch, we have also installed free-standing automatic hand sanitisers with the Fulford School logo and school colours.  

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