Our approach

Delivering value for money

​Using the latest technologies and providing innovative cleaning and FM solutions to clients is the driving force behind our business. Every day we improve our contract cleaning and facilities management offer so clients can be sure they are receiving the most up-to-date services and can keep control on their budgets. Some of the measures we have put in place across the business include:

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Sitting at the core of our approach, we work with our clients to deliver the service standards that befit their site needs and meets the site users’ expectations and requirements. We meet regularly with clients to discuss performance and explore how we can improve our service offer to help them.



We work with sector-leading partners including 2Pure Products and ICE to deliver best-in-class cleaning services across all of our clients’ premises. This collaborative process aids reciprocal learning and ensures that Lita Group Facilities Management is best placed to respond to client’s evolving needs.

Centralised materials and chemical management

We ensure that the correct dilution is applied to our cleaning products so that they are the best cleaning products a business can access. This process ensures that our teams can deliver the correct standard of clean every day and that the integrity of a client’s assets is continually retained.

Circular plastic economy

Where feasible, we operate a circular plastic economy. This is made possible by working closely with our partners. We return all used plastic bottles to them for cleaning and reuse as required. Additionally, we retain all spray bottles, cleaning and reusing them across all our cleaning and facilities management operations in the UK.



Lita Group Facilities Management utilise vehicle management systems to manage company vehicle movements, ensuring efficient operations and a reduction in emissions. All product deliveries are pre-routed and tracked, with the routes designed to minimise downtime and provide the basis for a highly efficient logistics operation. In so doing, we can effectively react to changes and support our teams with all that they need to service clients each day.


Fully transparent management reporting

We use a variety of advanced reporting systems across the Lita Group Facilities Management business, including auditing, accounting, payroll, and time and attendance. This allows us to deliver fully transparent management reporting to our clients.

Technology solutions


We use sector-leading technology solutions to underpin our contract cleaning services regime. Our operational framework is based on the following support tools:

  • KPI monitoring through ServiceTrac

  • Time, attendance and rostering through TimeGate

  • Welfare support through Wagestream®

  • Finance and accounting through Xero™

  • Telemetry and movements through Televend©

  • Payroll through Sage™.

Our approach to LEAN management

The customer always comes first

Always do what is best for the customer and their stakeholders.



Remove all obstacles that prevent our teams from meeting and supporting our client’s goals.

Skills and


Ensure that all employees have the relevant skill sets and knowledge to meet our client’s expectations.



We involve our teams in decisions that affect their work, and coach them to be excellent on a daily basis.

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